Privacy & Safety

Ashreinu values the privacy of our members. We do not share our email list, nor do we advertise for other organizations using our email list. The venues and hosts of our events are kept private and are only shared via email to those who RSVP in advance. We do not use Facebook as an organization for security reasons. We honor the spirit of Shabbat and do not take pictures at events on Shabbat. We will not take your picture without your spoken permission, nor will we share it without your consent. 

Ashreinu is committed to being a holy community. There is nothing holy about a space where people feel unsafe or unwelcome. We have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment or abuse. That means people who engage in these acts are not welcome at our gatherings. If you have concerns about safety please tell a member of the leadership team immediately. We will believe you and we will act quickly. 

Not sure what constitutes sexual harassment or abuse? We recommend you check out One Love  and RAINN to learn more. 


If sexual harassment or abuse happens within the Ashreinu community and leadership is made aware of it we promise to act swiftly. If someone who engages in these acts has given money, their money will be donated to an appropriate charity. If they sit on one of our Teams, they will be removed from leadership and banned. We will make a public announcement if allegations of abuse or sexual harassment come to light, making it possible for other victims to be notified. 

Our Commitment 

Our policies regarding safety are serious and non-negotiable. Our leadership has multiple survivors, and we will not compromise when it comes to keeping our members feeling loved and safe. Our foremost concern is the safety of the people in our community, not our image, not reputations. We beg of you, do not hesitate to tell us even about a gut feeling you have.

Please do not hesitate to email with any concerns or reports. We can't help if we don't know. We promise we will do everything we can do to help make it right once we do know.