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Tasha Kaminsky

Tasha is a co-founder of Ashreinu. When she isn't helping to lead Ashreinu, she works at the Anti-Defamation League of Missouri, Southern Illinois, and Eastern Kansas. She also sits on the board of MaTovu on Blaine. A published fiction author, Ramah alum, and lover of St. Louis-- she's mostly just excited it's almost Shabbat. 


Katie Rice-Guter

Katie is an Ashreinu board member. She spends her days working in higher ed communications, her evenings at Ashreinu events, and her early mornings on creative writing projects. She loves long wanders at the Missouri Botanical Garden, admires people who can stay up past 10 p.m., and really wants to learn Ladino. 


Mia Salamone

Mia is an Ashreinu board member. A transplant from Chicago, Mia is an artist who spends her professional time in the nonprofit world. Besides all things Ashreinu, she'd love to talk about plants, ice cream or books with you!